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  1. I’m looking at getting a Petty and a Santoku. If I have a Santoku, is there really a need for a Gyuza considering I won’t be working in a Japanese restaurant. Also, the prices of your knives are rather high. I’ve found tweezers elsewhere for 275 Baht. Is there any offer, or student discount possible if I’m spending around 10000 THB? Really on a tight budget, hence the question.

    1. Good Evening,

      You mean Gyuto? Becasue Gyuza is a pan-fried dumpling from Japan 🙂

      I understand that the knife’s price is very high. All I could say is you pay what you get. They are high quality.

      For Tweezer, according to the supplier, that is the price he suggests me to present. I have to follow. If you could find it cheaper anywhere else, there is nothing wrong to get from them.

      I am so sorry I do not have any discounts for students. If you want to spend 10,000 THB. I could offer 210mm. Gyuto Takamura R2 and 130mm. Petty Takamura R2 for you.

      Hope this would help.


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