Konosuke Madei-Sumiiro Set ( KN039 Gyuto 210 mm. and KN038 Petty 150 mm.) Set B.

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The Sumiiro represents years of building relationships and investing into the next generation of craftsmen. Forged in SLD, and clad in stainless.

Between the incredible toughness of craftsman’s forging, and the thicker spine he gives this blade, the Sumiiro feels very mighty to hold. But for the surface of the Sumiiro, The craftsman employed a beautiful Kurouchi Nashiji finish- a specialty that was actually passed down to him by his Master. The word ‘Sumiiro’ means “the color of India ink”, as is seen in Japanese hand-painted calligraphy.
About Craftsman:

Takahiro Nihei is a craftsman from the Fukushima Prefecture, Nihei trained for years in Sanjo to develop his skills. As is customary from that region, this means Nihei is responsible for all the forging, sharpening, and engraving on his knives. Several years ago, when he and Kosuke (The founder of KONOSUKE) first met, Nihei was introduced by his Master as a promising up-and-coming talent. Working with him now as a part of KONOSUKE, it is great to see his Master’s trust was well placed. His attention to detail, his passion to improve; and his desire for knowledge all show through in his work to extraordinary effect.

They are hand crafted with Thai wood, resin and turquoise by our craftsman.

Gyuto (210 mm.) – Blade length 210mm. / Weight 193g. / Thickness 4mm.
Petty (150 mm.) – Blade length 150mm. / Weight 111g. / Thickness 4mm.


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