Naniwa Premium Stone #1000

฿ 2,750

Cutting, Grinding, Sharpening, Polishing, and Engraving.

In short, abrasion. It’s an important part of what industry does and must do extremely well.

We can help you do it better than ever before.

We are a Japanese manufacturer of sharpening stones for industrial and home use, diamond tools for processing stone and other materials, sandblasting systems for stone engraving, and a full range of products related to abrasion, with over 60 years of experience, dedication, and innovation.
When we say, “cutting-edge technology,” we mean it literally!

Thanks to our constant efforts to bring quality and service to ever-higher levels, when it comes to anything related to abrasion we can offer the best advice and most advanced easy-to-use products to the professional or home user.

Our unwavering high levels of product quality and service are highly praised by customers in Japan and around the world.

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